Pathway Member

Pathway membership offers resources designed to help you increase your community as you work toward your CFP® designation and toward obtaining a job as a Fee-Only financial planner.

Member Benefits

  • NAPFA Engage: Network with other members using the member directory; use the discussion forum to post questions, receive answers and stay on top of the issues facing fee-only professionals.
  • NAPFA Advisor Magazine: Read articles about practical observations, real estate, practice profiles, tax updates and more.
  • What’s New at NAPFA: Receive monthly updates and resources via NAPFA’s e-newsletter.
  • NAPFA Events: Register at a reduced rate for in-person conferences to network with NAPFA members and to learn about hot topics impacting the Fee-Only world.
  • NAPFA Member Discount Programs: Get discounts on products and services appropriate for a Fee-Only advisor.
  • NAPFA Local Groups: Join a local NAPFA group and mentor with peers in your area.
  • MIX Groups: Start a group based on a business problem or around a specific interest with a small group of advisors.

Applicant Requirements

You must agree to follow the NAPFA Fiduciary Oath and be working toward your CFP® certification. You must not yet be employed by a financial planning firm.

Pathway member may only remain in this category for one year. After that period, they must upgrade to a NAPFA Associate or NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor.

The applicant must have passed the CFP® exam. A Pathway member does not have to meet an experience requirement.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are $249 plus a one time non-refundable processing fee of $75.

To Apply for Membership

Your first step towards becoming a NAPFA member is to become a registered user of the NAPFA website (create an account here). Once you have a NAPFA username and password, you can log into the site and begin the application.

Please note, the Pathway membership category is designed to be a one-year membership. Upon your renewal, NAPFA will ask that you upgrade to an Associate or NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor.

Questions about NAPFA membership or the application process? Email the NAPFA Membership Team.

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